learn french through play

French classes for primary-aged children

fancy giving your child a superpower?

Set them up for success and get them started on their road to language learning today.

During lockdown, our Beginners' classes moved online, so your child can now learn with Loulou wherever they are in the world!

Watch your children develop their enthusiasm and confidence as they learn about French language and culture through our immersive, playful sessions. The course is suitable for absolute beginners as well as children with previous experience of French lessons, as we revisit topics regularly. The curriculum is unique to Coucou Loulou, and has been developed by Florence with play, emotional connection and interactivity at its heart. 


Loulou and Florence are zooming into your homes to provide children with a good dose of brilliant teaching and hands-on French classes.

As "Round 1" was a sold-out success, the School Closure Special is going to continue until February half-term!

Four weeks of hands-on French classes for children aged 3-8.

Three 30-minute classes per week.

1st class: arts and crafts (simple and as mess-free as possible: the aim is to free up some time for you and for school-aged children to be able to complete them with little adult help).

2nd class: a science or nature activity (includes outdoor learning)

3rd class: a cooking/baking activity - live every Friday at 3:30 pm UK time (also available pre-recorded)

You get the craft and nature/science activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You can pause them, watch them again, do them straight away or save them for 'one of those days'.

Don't take it from me - this is what parents have said about the last two weeks of our 'School Closure Special':

"Was a really good class, thank you so much! Made me feel like we’d actually nailed the first day of homeschool." Charlie

"Theo adore Coucou Loulou - un vrai succès donc un grand merci pour tout! Vous êtes géniale !" Helene

" My son asks me every day if it’s a Coucou Loulou day. Needless to say, I’m not popular when it’s not…!" Claire


About our online classes

— Annalise and Raffie (3)

"Brilliant- the most engaged Raffie has been of any of the online classes we have done."

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