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Les petits ateliers

for french speakers abroad

Les Petits Ateliers sont des rendez-vous hebdomadaires éducatifs et ludiques pour petits francophones dès 3 ans. 

Si vous êtes une famille francophone expatriée et vivant à l'étranger, ces ateliers permettront à vos enfants de découvrir et d'aimer les culture francophone et la langue française!


Les Petits Ateliers, our weekly French after-school club for bilingual children aged 3 and above, is now ONLINE.


Stories, songs, crafts and a gentle approach to reading and writing for the older children. Through immersive, play-led learning, we bring French culture to life.

Cours pour enfants bilingues

Notre curriculum est intégralement écrit par notre directrice, Florence Guérin, fondatrice de Coucou Loulou, maman de trois petits multilingues, professeure de français qualifiée avec plus de 18 ans d'expérience et elle-même multilingue.

Lors de Petits Ateliers, vos enfants suivront des classes dont le contenu est en lien avec le programme de l'Éducation Nationale et Le National Curriculum au UK, mais adapté aux besoins d'enfants expatriés.

Les thèmes changent régulièrement afin d'assurer la progression, la motivation et un intérêt toujours renouvelé. 

Tout est enseigné par le jeu, les jeux de rôle, et de manière à ce que l'enfant soit au centre de l'activité et puisse apprendre en s'amusant.

Stories, songs, crafts and a gentle approach to reading and writing for the older children. Through immersive, play-led learning, we bring French culture to life.

Our exclusive curriculum is put together by our experienced teaching director, Florence. Themes change regularly to ensure progression, motivation and renewed interest. Activities vary each week and include singing, storytelling, puppetry, drama, arts and crafts, science experiments and exploration of the seasons – to name but a few. As the children get older and move through the classes, we integrate more reading, writing and elements of grammar to ensure they can enjoy a lifetime of reading and writing - in French!

And of course, the teacher will always be accompanied by our famous sidekick: Loulou la Tortue, the funniest, cheekiest tortoise around! 


We work in small groups so the children get dedicated attention, which means spaces are limited.


Family French Singalong​: 0-5 yo

The original Coucou Loulou French Singalong for the whole family is online!

Come and join us every week for some French singing, laughing, dancing and just general silliness.

Songs, movement, sensory play, story-time, puppetry will enchant children and adults alike.

More than a screen experience, this class is the perfect stepping-stone to make your child LOVE French. They will become obsessed with Loulou la Tortue, Florence mischievous sidekick, and we promise you that French will become a hobby rather than an academic subject for your child.


STARTS 11/01/2021

#paywhatyoucan from £6/class

Choose your preferred time:

Les Petits Loulous: 3-5 yo

Children are immersed in a world of creativity, singing, silliness, laughter, craft and play.

Each Petit Atelier regularly features songs, puppet shows, stories and craft activities as well as traditional French games.

Printable activity packs are provided every week.


STARTS 15/01/2021

Fridays 4:30pm

Classes last 40 minutes

Les Loulous Moyens: 6-8 yo

A gentle initiation to more formal learning, including reading and writing, through child-led and play-based activities.

Learning revolves around different themes, carefully chosen to excite and stimulate young minds.

Our classes feature stories, songs, poems, discussions, debates, joke-telling and (simple!) science experiments, to name but a few of the incredibly exciting things our 'têtes blondes' have been up to so far.

Printable activity packs and recommendations for parents to extend the work between lessons are provided every week.


STARTS 11/01/2021

Tuesdays 5:00 pm

Classes last 1 hour

10 students max


five stars
five stars
five stars
five stars
five stars

"Brilliant- the most engaged my son has been for any of the online classes we have done."

Annalisa, mum of 2

"My son does not stop talking about your classes. He absolutely loves them."

Lucia Nunes

Magical, engaging, educational—the rigour of a proper teacher delivered with the charm of a children's entertainer.” 


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