Coucou Loulou

learn french through play

Singalong for under 5s

Energetic and full of immersive fun, our weekly baby and toddler classes centre on the antics of ‘Loulou la Tortue’, our cheeky tortoise puppet. From the moment Florence dons her magical scarf, she takes you on a magical journey through French childrens’ culture, via nursery rhymes, songs, stories, dance, instruments, props ("Qu’est-ce qu'il y a dans le sac?") and sensory stimulation. 


Don’t know any French? No problem. Novices are welcome – our relaxed classes are suitable for everyone. Hopefully you’ll leave full of positive vibes, having learnt a little something yourself, as well as having met some like-minded parents and carers. Our singalongs are suitable for babies, toddlers and all under-5s. 


We currently run one LIVE and one ONLINE class per week.

The content of the online class is different to that week's live class, so you can join us twice if you wish!


10:00 am

St Joan of Arc Community Centre

Kelross Rd, N5 2QN


10:00 am


Did you know...

...we have a YouTube channel?

French stories with Loulou la Tortue, exclusive songs and replays of our past virtual singalongs: get a taster for what Coucou Loulou is all about!

>>> Click on one of the tiles below to watch the Replay of your choice <<< 

Payment for replay classes is optional. But with the future (and the present!) of small businesses like mine looking rather dire, this is one of my only sources of income for now and the foreseeable future.


So if you enjoy these classes, please consider making a payment towards them – however small or big!

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About Coucou Loulou Singalong

"By far the best baby/toddler activity we have found. Florence is brilliant at what she does and fantastic with children. Great learning environment; fun and positive for all. Can’t recommend it enough."

—  Charlotte and Raphaël, 7 months