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The face-to-face classes may be cancelled, but this shouldn't stop you and your children learning French - together!


I am launching two brand new, online French courses specifically for 0-5 year olds, and I would love you to test the Beta version.

The courses will be an adult and baby/child course.

The classes focus on teaching parents action songs, rhymes, and games, that you can use to help introduce the French language to your child.
The focus of the course is to teach you and your child some basic French vocabulary, that is relevant to you - and to them - and to provide a brilliant bonding experience for you and your child.

What you can expect:

* A magical journey through French children's culture via nursery rhymes, songs, stories, dance, instruments, props and sensory stimulation

* A gentler pace for the 0-23 months class

* An energetic experience full of immersive fun for the 2-5 year olds


* A fully immersive experience: once the magic scarf is worn, only French is spoken!

* Everyone's favourite: Loulou, the mischievous French turtle, of course!

This doesn't have to be a screen-only experience for your child - the course is designed to empower you to become your child's language leader.


Children aged 5 and under are at the perfect age to start learning another language - but you already know this, because you are here!

Imagine your child in 5, 10 or even 20 years: they will THANK YOU for seizing this opportunity and getting them started on the amazing journey of language learning - despite the circumstances!

The full 6-week course is valued at £128.98 and comprises of: 

* 6 pre-recorded videos (around 20/30 minutes each) - watch whenever you like, as often as you like

* Access to 6 live, online Family Singalong sessions (optional) (choice of 3/week - one option to be selected for the duration of the course)

* An online guide for parents 

* The Coucou Loulou playlist

* Printable/online materials (tips for parents and families, vocab’ sheets, suggested activities to further the learning, song lyrics, flashcards)

* Access to Coucou Loulou's closed Facebook group: a community of like-minded parents with who to share doubts, questions and success stories, access to ME for all your questions, bonus online materials, live Q&A, and more. (Under construction - all it needs is YOU!)

👍🏻  Course launches Monday 9th November

⬆️  Book before Sunday 8th November at midnight and get 50% off your first term 

👶  Two courses to suit your needs: 

  • Babies and Toddlers (0-23 months)

  • “Minis-Loulous” (2-5 yo)

🇫🇷  Accessible for all levels of French - even complete beginners

💰 A massive 50% off for all Early Adopters - in exchange for your honest feedback and mentions on social media (discount valid from 05/11/2020 to 08/11/2020 at midnight)

🙌  One subscription per household - not per child 

Don’t know any French? No problem. Novices are welcome – our relaxed classes are suitable for everyone. Hopefully you’ll leave full of positive vibes, having learnt a little something yourself, as well as having met some like-minded parents and carers. Our singalongs are suitable for babies, toddlers and all under-5s. 

Sounds too good to be true?

It's not.

Book now and become an Early Adopter.


"Brilliant- the most engaged my son has been for any of the online classes we have done."

Annalise, mum of 2

"My son does not stop talking about your classes. He absolutely loves them."

Lucia Nunes

Magical, engaging, educational—the rigour of a proper teacher delivered with the charm of a children's entertainer.” 


Did you know...

...we have a YouTube channel?

French stories with Loulou la Tortue, exclusive songs and replays of our past virtual singalongs: get a taster for what Coucou Loulou is all about!

>>> Click on one of the tiles below to watch the Replay of your choice <<< 

Payment for replay classes is optional. But with the future (and the present!) of small businesses like mine looking rather dire, this is one of my only sources of income for now and the foreseeable future.


So if you enjoy these classes, please consider making a payment towards them – however small or big!

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