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We are back!

Half-term is over and we have made a few changes to our times and opened a new toddler class


A highly interactive and fully immersive drop-in class featuring songs, movement, props, sensory activities (bubbles, scarves, parachute play), stories, games and everyone's favourite: Loulou la Tortue!

Our Singalongs are suitable for ALL children under 5 - bilingual or not! They're fully immersive, so the whole family learns together.



The same format loved by children and adults alike for the first part of the session: songs, Loulou, props and sensory activities, followed by simple crafts focusing on a specific song, a story or a seasonal theme.

Children will LOVE taking their crafts home and displaying them whilst parents will be able to extend the learning further between sessions by using the sets of simple questions provided.

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An after-school club for bilingual children aged 3 and above.


A little 'goûter' to start, stories, songs, crafts and a gentle approach to reading and writing for the older children, through immersive and alternative teaching methods. All the learning happens through playful and child-centred activities.


.Give your child the gift of imagination in a different language...

Did you know that we also offer the following?
  • Home-schooling: custom made sessions for homeschooling families or groups.
  • EYFS
  • Bespoke birthday parties
  • Consulting services for parents of multilingual children and childcare settings
We love to hear from you - if there is something you would like us to offer or a place where you think we should start a class, please let us know!  


—  Nadim

Magical, engaging, educational—the rigour of a proper teacher delivered with the charm of a children's entertainer.” 

About Coucou Loulou Singalong

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