5 tips to cope with post-Christmas limbo with children

How are you all feeling?

It's been such a strange Christmas season here in London: Lockdown 3.0 (rebranded as Tier 4), no family, but lots of it at the same time.

Nothing much to do.

Nowhere much to go.

And everyone will feel differently about it.

According to my little Instagram Story poll today, 92% of you LOVE this time.

And I have to admit that I do too.

No pressure.

Lots of leftovers.

Totally acceptable to have the TV on all afternoon, eat cr*p all day and have Bailey's in your hot chocolate.

But some people hate it.

And some find it a bit...meh?

So here are my 5 top tips to cope with the post-Christmas limbo, whilst also practising your French!

1. Make a 2020 family time capsule or gratitude jar

Here is some useful French vocab for it:

Merci pour: thank you for

Mon activité préférée: my favourite activity

Mon jour préféré: my favourite day

Mon film préféré: my favourite film

Ma chanson préférée: my favourite song

Mon jeu préféré: my favourite game

Mon parc préféré: my favourite park

Mon plat préféré: my favourite dish

J'ai aimé: I enjoyed

See this brilliant post for step-by-step ideas on how to make a family 2020 time-capsule.

2. Make your own DIY French family calendar for 2021

Print our FREE downloadable DIY 2021 calendar and choose some favourite photos to print, draw pictures, make collages from magazines or nature walks... make it yours!

>>> download our FREE 2021 DIY family calendar below <<<

We'd love to see your creations, so don't forget to tag us on social media.

(Please feel free to share this free resource, but remember to credit Coucou Loulou).