5 tips to promote the minority language at home

But first - what is the minority language?

It is simply the language spoken by the minority; so if you are a French family living in London, French is the minority language. If you are a British family living in the UK but choosing to speak French some or all of the time with your kids, then French is still the minority language.

Ok. So how do you promote the minority language at home?

Here are 5 simple tips that you can put into practice - TODAY:


If you have been following Coucou Loulou for a while, you will know that this is what we will always advocate above anything else.

“Play is a child’s work.”

Playing with your child is the single most effective way to promote the minority language.

You can even use it as a bit of a bargaining tool - “Ok, I’ll play with you, but in French.” Trust me, your kid loves playing with you so much that they’ll trade almost anything for it.

And don’t worry - it needn’t be for long.

10 minutes a day of focused, uninterrupted playtime is plenty.


I’ve talked about this before, but without creating the need, your child will probably just slip back into the majority language.

Kids are just like water - they will always take the path of least resistance!

So create the need - make sure your kiddo knows that it’s “French time”, and be consistent.


The power of music and songs is immense - how often do you get a tune stuck into your head?

Now imagine if that tune was a French song?

And one more thing that makes music amazing - especially for little ones: nursery rhymes are very repetitive. And when it comes to language learning, repetition is key!

So follow our Spotify playlist, crank up the volume, and have a kitchen disco every night before dinner! Your kids will LOVE it.


That’s right - read in the minority language.

If you’re bilingual yourself, then that’s probably fairly easy: you’re fairly confident in the minority language and you probably have a few books lying around.

If you’re not bilingual (yet), then I suggest you start a book collection right now! You can head to my Instagram page for lots of age-appropriate book suggestions.

I share lots of insider tips and tricks on reading to your child in a foreign language in lesson 7 of my new French online course for under 5s, First Steps Into French.


This is so important: you really want your child to have the most enjoyable and positive experience when it comes to speaking the minority language.

The more positive associations they make with the language (see advice above: 121-time with a parent to PLAY? A kitchen disco? Reading every day? YESSS!), the happier and more willing they will be to use the minority language.

And if you want your child to learn French through play with Loulou and Florence, enrol for our brand new online course for under 5s. First Steps into French, today. You will get £20 off with the code 20OFF.

What are your top tips? And how do you keep the minority language at home alive?

Comment below to let me know!

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