An autumn song and hands-on activity to practise counting to FIVE in French

The other day, I was humming mindlessly and started adding words to the tune, and suddenly, I had a new song for the children!

Sing it to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus" and take one leaf away at the end of every verse.

You can easily do this with real leaves - even better than printed ones, as they provide additional sensory input.

You could even discuss size (grade feuille, petite feuille), compare them ( plus grande queue, plus petite queue...), order them, give opinions about them, pair them... the possibilities really are endless!

And of course, you could discuss colours!

If you like these flashcards, head to the shop, where you can buy a high quality, printable version. And stay tuned for a post about how to use flashcards - coming soon!

Stay safe,

Florence x

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