It all started off so well...

The biggest challenge faced by bilingual families is when their children refuse to speak the home language - here, French.

“She understands everything, but she just won’t speak French to me!” Is what I hear.

Or worse: “He simply refuses to listen when I speak French and is embarrassed in front of his friends.”

We all start off on this bilingual journey with the best of intentions.

We shall be consistent!

We shall speak French only!

We shall buy ALL the books!

And then life happens, and children start school, and French becomes less of a priority.

But you know what? The story doesn’t end there.

This is what you need to do: you must inject some FUN back into speaking French. Keep it joyful. Keep it lighthearted. Keep it silly.

You must also absolutely maximise EXPOSURE. Create as much of it as possible. If you’re the only French speaker in the house, outsource as much as possible.

And you must create the NEED.

This is why, at @coucouloulou_ , we have ‘le foulard magique’: it creates the need (and brings an element of magic, too...). This is why you book our classes for a term: to get lots of exposure. And what better sidekick than mischievous, monolingual Loulou, whom the children become obsessed with?!

If you want to create need and exposure and bring back the fun, invite this cheeky little monolingual into your homes this Christmas. I have just 3 Loulous left and the shop closes on December 16th until January.

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