Let's talk about screen-time...

I am quite open about the fact that my children have screen time. In fact, if you follow me on social media, you may have heard “that pig” in the background quite a few times - in French, or in English, sometimes even in German.

But often, these are the sort of comments I get:

“Wow, I am so glad it’s not just us.”

“Thank you for being so open about this.”

“Oh, so it’s ok then?”

The guilt around screen time is REAL.

And I am going to be controversial here, but screentime is NOT a dirty word.

Now, if you’re a zero screen time family and this works for you, fabulous. Keep doing what you’re doing. I admire you, I am probably a little bit envious of you, but mostly, I have come to accept that I am not you.

But letting your children have screen time is not something we should be feeling ashamed of, and here is why:

💻 There are some incredibly good programmes out there, and as a language educator and coach, I know the value of them and have experienced them first hand.

📱 Think of screen time as INTENTIONAL - be intentional about your use of screen time, because when used in the right way, it really is an incredibly powerful teaching and learning tool.

🖥 With the huge offer that’s out there, you become the CURATOR. You decide what screen time you offer your children. Cartoons in different languages or nature programmes are just some examples of what I intentionally and unashamedly curate and make part of my own children’s screen experience.

💻 Self-care. Now more than ever, we parents need tools to keep sane. We have work to do, dinner to cook, laundry to fold away. We need 30 minutes’ peace. We need to be able to put the children in front of the screen without being plagued by guilt over it.

Now listen - I am definitely not arguing that the TV should be on all day, every day. But as long as you are intentional and selective over WHAT your children watch, and you know WHY you are letting them have that screen time (is it for the added value? Is it for your sanity? Is it for your sanity? Is it for BOTH?!), then please, let go of the guilt.

Now tell me - what are your feelings around screen time for children?

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