But I am the only French-speaker at home!

You want your child to be bilingual, but there’s only one of you, and everyone else around you speaks another language. What can you do?

Here are a few top tips:

First - make a plan. Decide what you will speak and when - and how your child will get more exposure.

Then, tap into your child’s interests - and find ways to do these things in the minority language. Maybe you can find online tutorials, or perhaps books on the topic.

Next, Infuse your home with your home language’s culture - being bilingual is also about developing an emotional attachment to the language. What better way to do this than through traditions, festivals and current events relevant to your child.

Now, find other native speakers - if you’re in a big city, this shouldn’t be too hard. But even if you are not, these days, all the good stuff is also online - so seek it out!

Finally, build your community - your child will thrive if they realise that they are not different, but rather have something in common with lots of other speakers of the minority language.

Raising a bilingual or multilingual child is no mean feat, so I hope the above tips will help.

Have some questions? Want to dig deeper? Book your free consultancy call with me today. I will help you identify your biggest pain points and will get you working on that plan.

Stay well,

Florence (and Loulou - of course!) x

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