Why singing helps you learn French

Teaching French through play, including movement and action songs, is at the core of the Coucou Loulou teaching philosophy, and here is why.

1. Ever had an “earworm”?

Usually, a really annoying one. A song that just won’t leave you alone. A tune or rhyme that infiltrates your thoughts and plays out in your mind over, and over again.

The “ABC Song” or “The Solar System Song”, anyone?

Whilst this is sometimes frustrating, it’s also great news for language learning.

Several studies have shown that putting words to a rhythm or a tune really helps you memorise information - hence why teachers regularly use this technique in the classroom to boost memory.

Through the use of music and songs, your child will quite literally get French stuck inside their heads.

Nursery rhymes are usually repetitive, in their melody, rhythm, words and even sound patterns, and this makes it very easy for them to stick.

All of this really helps young (and not so young) brains memorise new phrases and vocabulary. In fact, if you attend our Singalong classes for a while, you will find it very hard NOT to hum some of our songs to yourself!

2. Learn new vocabulary

Songs, especially educational ones and nursery rhymes, focus on aspects of your child’s life - they will therefore be exposed to brand new words that are relevant to them.

Think "Tête, épaules" or "Vole, vole, papillon" for example.

And as these new words are repeated over and over again within the song, children will memorise these quickly and effortlessly.

3. Learn how French sounds

Listening to songs, and in particular trying to sing along the songs, will really help you get the pronunciation, intonation and rhythm of the language right.

And this is where our friend ‘repetition’ shows up again - got it wrong the first time? There will probably be at least two (or 10!) more opportunities within any one song to try again.

4. Singing is good for the soul

It’s one of those activities that will instantly boost your morale (and boy do we need this right now!) and make you feel alive. And it can be an incredibly bonding experience to share this joy with your own child, or even other families from across the globe.

And if singing is outside of your comfort zone, fear not: you are muted on Zoom and only your household can hear you.

And you should know that regardless of how you feel about it, your voice will always be your child’s absolute favourite sound.

Win - win.

5. It’s easy!

Remembering to practise your French phrases every day can be tedious - in fact, it’s one of the main reasons why people give up early on in their language learning journey.

But playing music? And specifically, music that will make your child get up, move, laugh and learn?

Now that’s easy.

Not only is it easy, but they will LOVE it and will keep asking for more - making your job super easy.

You can download the Coucou Loulou albums right here and listen to them straight away

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Use the code LoulouChante and get your second album completely free.

And to get our List of the Top 5 Nursery rhymes for learning French (including lyrics), click here.

Now tell me: which French song(s) is your child currently obsessed with?

Stay safe and happy singing,


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